New Coronavirus Toolbox Talk

We care deeply about your safety here at Real Time Risk Solutions, especially now at what feels like a very scary time. We want everyone to feel well equipped to handle the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) as possible.

We’ve created a new Toolbox Talk on the COVID-19 virus to help you lead a conversation about it with your employees. It’s important to go over Company guidelines and policy to ensure everyone is on the same page and to establish safe practices to keep your employees and workplace as safe as possible.

You’ll be able to find this Toolbox Talk on the client website where you’ll be able to assign it to your projects for your employees in the field.


About Real Time Risk Solutions (RTRS): RTRS develops risk management platforms with advanced analytics to identify risk across any industry in real-time. Clients are able to use RTRS’ mobile apps to capture risk data in the field. This data is then immediately brought into Executive Dashboards giving risk managers the ability to visualize risk exposure across the business while being able to drill-down to specific risk assets/hazards.

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