Private Label

Private label risk management solutions

Real Time Risk Solutions specializes in risk platforms branded specifically for your business. We make it easy to configure your audits while performing safety and quality inspections in real time.

We capture key risk data from any android or iOS device and your critical info is then stored securely in the cloud - providing vital key performance indicators using intelligent, executive dashboards.

All data is collectively analyzed with custom dashboards to ensure you’re running at optimal performance with a best-in-class mobile-first platform.

The platform can be used anytime and anywhere, even offline.

cloud-based software,


Ensure internal and external compliance throughout the organization.

  • Internal Audits
    Intuitive mobile solutions that match local compliance requirements
  • Critical Documents
    Files available from wherever you work
  • Compliance Forms
    Digitize your compliance forms with an easy-to-use mobile form creator
  • Advanced Trending
    Analyze company compliance in real time
quality control solutions,

Quality Assurance

Reduce defects by ensuring that quality standards are being met throughout your organization.

  • Quality Audits

    Document quality issues against company-specific standards

  • Quality Reporting

    Analyze results immediately to eliminate repetitive rework costs

  • Quality Trending
    Blend your quality inspections with your safety and other operational risks in one reporting platform
Manufacturing Software Solutions,

Risk Management

Capture key risk data with any iOS or Android device, with or without internet connection. Critical information is stored on a cloud-based platform, providing key performance indicators using intelligent executive dashboards.

  • Inspections
    Track observed behaviors against safety, quality and internal/external compliance standards
  • Risk Management
    Track issues across your enterprise with solutions for every department
  • Reporting
    Standardize reporting of incidents, accidents, near misses, etc. 
consulting services,


Intuitive mobile apps enable workers to capture safety issues at the point of impact in real time- without an internet connection. Web-based command center makes administration easy.

  • Field Observation
    Track issues in the field using prescriptive questions to target specific issues
  • Mobile Reporting
    Eliminate paper-based forms and track all of the information with real time dashboards
  • Policies
    Create and augment company policies using our best practice library
  • Transfer Risk
    Assign issues to vendors and third parties for enterprise-wide collaboration