Decrease risk and increase profitability in Hospitals, Clinics, Offices, Mobile Health Clinics (MHC), Hospice and Nursing Homes

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With risk issues widely distributed throughout a healthcare environment, it is difficult to manage the various data points from a central location in order to prioritize and mitigate risks in a timely manner

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Comprehensive Risk Platform

  • Mobile-first solution that also works offline
  • Deliver actionable risk content to employees and third parties, at the point of impact
  • Cloud-based document retention
  • Eliminate paper-based processes
  • Analytics that rollup across facilities and programs
  • Value-driven and closer working relationships with employees and vendors
  • Assistance with regulatory compliance
  • COVID-19 employee questionnaires and vaccination tracking
  • Competitively priced
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  • Create audits by leveraging a library of thousands of best practices
  • All audits are GPS and time/date stamped
  • Voice dictation easily captures information
  • Effortlessly document all issues with photos, notes, party observed, and severity
  • Assign issues between internal employees and external vendors
  • Customize with facility-specific audit questions
  • Custom dashboards to track trends, create ratings, set up alerts and notifications
  • Track time to close issues, benchmark and prioritize initiatives and determine training required
  • Sample Audits include: Access and Egress, Fall Risk, Air Handler Inspections, COVID-19 Facility Audits, Fire Prevention, Food Service + more
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Digitize your Paper Forms

  • Converts your paper-based forms to mobile forms
  • Generate QR Codes which creates QR Boards that can be distributed around the facility
  • Attach QR codes to equipment to track routine maintenance
  • 75+ report templates which can be customized for each facility
  • Analytic dashboards based on your form questions and answers
  • Forms include: Staffing to patient ratio, physical hazards audit, resident fall, combative patient, sanitation + more
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Daily Reporting

  • Create a daily report that every vendor can complete - with no setup required
  • Track weather and facility conditions
  • Analyze trades and performance across all facilities
  • Executive dashboards provide a daily recap of each facility’s vendors
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Accident Reporting

  • Capture incidents immediately at the point of impact
  • Dashboards analyze claim dollars by body part and frequency
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In-Service Training

  • Deliver custom training programs to employees
  • Leverage Video, PowerPoint, PDF, even Hands-on Training
  • Design and score quizzes to test knowledge
  • Generate certificates of completion
  • Manage company training through analytics, expiration dates, and alerts
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Safety Meetings

  • Hundreds of Topics to choose from
  • Employees acknowledge participation through digital signatures
  • Add meeting notes and photos of the group or sign-in sheet
  • Email directly from the device to relevant third parties
  • Instantly catalog a list of all meeting participants
  • Create custom safety meeting topics based on specific company incidents
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Cloud-Based Cabinet

  • Upload documents from any PC - view from any device
  • Text to Speech reads documents aloud
  • Access documents from any mobile device - share files via Bluetooth to external parties
  • Access safety plans, safety data sheets, building plans, active shooter plans, equipment and machinery maintenance + more
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Immediate Notifications

  • Send daily news to employee mobile devices
  • Share news companywide or to specific facilities
  • Content management system schedules future news posts
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Employee and Vendor Surveys

  • Create, distribute, and score employee and customer surveys
  • Track daily self-reporting forms for employees and vendors
  • Track the results with advanced analytics
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Capital Improvement Projects

  • Daily reporting from all trades on-site with no license fees required 
  • Project health real-time reporting
  • Library of thousands of quality, contract, and safety best practices
  • Develop risk register to track all outstanding issues
  • One system of truth- where you own the data
  • Integrates with Procore
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Business Intelligence

  • Over 75 Executive Dashboards to drive continuous improvement
  • Unprecedented reporting
  • Quickly drill into critical data
  • Sort by facilities, employees, divisions, programs
  • Instant transparency and accountability
  • Alerts, notifications, and subscriptions
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  • Implementation is painless. Ready to go in under 1 hour
  • Average payback period in under 60 days
  • Integrates with existing systems via an Open API