Subcontractor Prequalification

, Subcontractor Prequalification


Subcontractor Prequalification: Manged by Subs

Subcontractor Prequalification Form

  • RTRS provides companies with a comprehensive template (125+ questions) to get up and running quickly
  • Different prequalification forms can be created for various projects or divisions

Subcontractor Portal

  • Clients create a link to the form on their website for subs to enter information
  • Subs enter the Prequalification information into your portal (no setup, training, or login required)
  • All information across all subs are managed in a single dashboard

Why is this needed? 

  • Companies are allocating valuable resources opening mail, filing documents, and logging Prequalification information into excel
  • Provides a second layer of control (subs provide quality control, companies provide quality assurance) for information
  • Companies are spending money on Prequalification point solutions that stand-alone and add costs

Interactive Dashboards

  • Interactive dashboards help companies quickly find approved subcontractors for projects in real-time
  • Filter by EMR ratings, financial health, OSHA rating, bonding capacity, trade, certifications, state licensure, and man hours
  • The algorithm provides a safety score for each company based on specific safety policies within each company

Subcontractor Prequalification is just one module in the RTRS platform. We offer:

  • Observations
  • Convert your paper forms into QR Codes
  • Learning Management System
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Sample Policies
  • and much more!

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