Increasing Efficiency in Construction – Case Study



This construction company is a medium sized commercial contractor based out of the Midwest. They have been a client of RTRS for over three years.

Attached are some real-life examples from this construction company that saved them money or time from using the RTRS platform.

  1. Managing Safety Walkarounds

Prior to implementing RTRS Safety, this construction company used to manage safety using an alternative product.  Their application was considered a leader in the construction safety space but the construction company was not able to track observations well from mobile devices and their field employees were not using the system due to usability issues (only 20% of their foreman were performing their safety observations).

RTRS enabled this construction company to track observations in the field with photos, notes, party observed, and the platform allows their employees to sign each observation. This increased the employee compliance requirements to over 90% in two months.

RTRS provides the executives of this construction company with real-time access into their safety compliance everyday using the RTRS dashboards.

RTRS has increased compliance, accountability, and transparency in this area.


2. Convert Paper-Based Forms to Mobile Forms

Prior to the RTRS platform, this company had many paper-based forms throughout the company such as Hot Work Permits, Daily Reports, Safety Incident Reports, Fall Protection Plan, etc. The forms would need to be filled out in the field by their foreman, scanned and faxed back to the main office where the reports would be inputted into other systems.

RTRS has a mobile form creator which provided a way for this construction company to replace their paper-based forms with their own mobile forms. RTRS provided real-time visibility to managers and executives with exception reporting to assure compliance.

RTRS increased efficiency and accountability in this area.


3. Decreased Cost Performing Safety Meetings

Almost all contractors in construction require their projects to perform a safety meeting (toolbox talk), typically once a week. Field supervisors are provided with a binder of printed safety topics for them to review with their employees in the field. There are spaces below the safety topic for all employees to sign the meeting in the field. The reports are then emailed or faxed back to the main office where an employee will print out a copy and file it in the project folder.

RTRS provides a way for this construction company to choose from over 750 topics on their mobile device, have their employees sign the mobile device, or a picture of the crew and/or sign in sheet can be taken. The recorded Toolbox Talk could then be emailed to responsible parties and/or saved for internal purposes within the system.

RTRS increased efficiency and accountability in this area.

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