🚀 Exciting News from RTRS! 🚀

, 🚀 Exciting News from RTRS! 🚀

👥 Introducing the New Recipient Role: RTRS is thrilled to announce the launch of a new user role at RTRS: the Recipient. This role is designed to streamline communication within your organization, ensuring that everyone stays in the loop without overwhelming them with unnecessary access or features. Recipients will receive important Company News directly to their email, keeping them informed and engaged without needing to access the full app.

📧 Seamless Communication: With the Recipient role, users assigned to specific projects will automatically receive Company News via email. No need for additional setup or passwords – simply stay connected and informed with the latest updates tailored to your projects.

⚙️ Simplified Functionality: Recipients won’t have access to the client or mobile application, focusing solely on receiving important updates. This streamlined approach is perfect for companies who want to keep their teams informed without the complexities of full app access.

🔄 Smooth Transitions: When a Recipient’s role changes, they’ll receive a warm welcome email with instructions to set up their password, ensuring a seamless transition to their new role within the organization.

📰 Enhanced Company News: Starting next week, all users assigned to a project will receive Company News via email, in addition to the mobile app notification when accessed. Immediate notifications ensure that everyone stays informed in real-time, with scheduled emails sent at 9 am EST for future announcements.

🔮 What’s Next? In the coming month, we’re excited to roll out updates to our Company News page on the website, offering clients even more ways to communicate effectively. Stay tuned for the ability to send targeted text messages to specific locations and roles within your organization – revolutionizing the way you connect with your team.

Stay tuned for updates as we continue to enhance our platform to better serve you. Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to create the best experience for our users. Thank you for being part of the RTRS journey! 🌟 #RTRSUpdates #CompanyCommunication #StayConnected

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