Dashboards to Manage Equipment Inspections

, Dashboards to Manage Equipment Inspections

Companies have a hard time tracking equipment inspections such as forklift or vehicle inspections. It’s usually a paper-based process that is hard to manage and enforce because it takes away from the “running of the business”.

RTRS recently worked with one of our clients to help them manage their forklift inspections. The process involved improving the existing form, digitizing it and finally attaching QR codes to each piece of equipment so anyone with a smartphone could fill it out everyday. Any device can now fill out the form- it did not require anyone to be trained, licenses to be purchased or download an app. It just worked.

The result was a real-time dashboard that allowed supervisors to receive alerts, maintenance crews to track deficiencies and analytics to manage the entire process.

The company performs 100 equipment inspections per day and they expect to save 10 min per inspection. The company expects to save $16,000 in the first month and their payback period was calculated to be less than 2 weeks.

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