Introducing QR Code Boards

, Introducing QR Code Boards

Introducing QR Code Boards.

What are QR Boards?

QR Code Boards provide a way for anyone to fill out your forms using a smartphone. External partners fill out your forms and you get the information with no setup or license fees required.

RTRS converts your paper forms and documents into QR Codes so anyone with a smartphone can fill out the information and provide critical information back to the company – all without paper.

What types of QR Boards are available?

QR Code boards can be built for Safety Reporting, Daily Report Tracking, Quality inspections, SWPPP inspections, Covid Access, etc.

Can subcontractors fill these out?

Yes, subcontractors can fill out the forms without training, setup or license fees. Companies combine the data in each report with internal forms for one system of record. And, subcontractors are emailed a copy of the report they fill out so they can also have a copy for their records.

What are other ways this can be used?

Companies can also create key rings with laminated QR codes which can be posted on the jobsite. Anyone on the site can grab a keyring with their critical reports, fill them out and return the keyring at the end of the day.

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