Tracking & Analyzing Utility Hits

, Tracking & Analyzing Utility Hits

Introducing the Utility Hit Dashboard: A new way to easily track utility hits

Often companies have a difficult time managing utility hits- the information is late getting reported, and the information is not presented in a way that companies can analyze over time.

Utility hits result in lost time and potential litigation with incomplete documentation. The new RTRS Utility Hit module tracks if proper precautions were done before the hit, when and what utilities were impacted, the financial costs of the impact, and the obstruction’s depth to provide lessons for future work.

It’s easy to set up!

  1. Modify the existing RTRS Utility Hit template to meet each company’s reporting requirements
  2. Fill out utility hit information in the field using the mobile app (while offline) or a public URL or QR code using the anonymized login (fantastic for providing vendors with a way to report information without requiring training or login information)
  3. Analyze all information using an interactive dashboard that can be customized for different people in the organization

Interactive Dashboard

  • Plot trend data by utility type and depth
  • Analyze cost expenditures by day, project, and utility
  • Map utility hits on a map and drill down to the street level

Try the Utility Hit Form from your smartphone:

, Tracking & Analyzing Utility Hits

Utility Hit Reporting is just one module in the RTRS platform. We offer:

  • Observations
  • Convert your paper forms into QR Codes
  • Learning Management System
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Sample Policies
  • and much more!

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